Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Lovin!

One of the reasons I tell people that I went into teaching was so that I could have the summers off. Of course, I get a few looks when I say this, but truely, summer time is when I recharge my batteries and get excited about another year of teaching.

There are a few things about summer that I absolutely love... and the heat isnt one of them! So, here is my list of 10 reasons why I am loving this summer so much!

1. Lunch Dates: I am always so jealous during the school year when my best friends can just up and go to lunch in the middle of the week. Unfortunately on a school schedule, 30 minutes is not enough time to really enjoy lunch with the girls, so we have to make up for it in the summer!

2. No Alarm Clocks: I have a firm summer rule that the alarm isnt turned on in my house. That means I sleep until... I wake up! This has been slightly interupted this summer because I've been working with Daddy (another post soon to come... hopefully) but even on those days, I just wait for someone to call and tell me its time to get up! (I know, I'm lazy and pathetic...)
During the school year, I somehow manage to get to work on time, but absolutely love the summer and weekends when I can wake up at 7, and lay there staring at the ceiling, or roll over and go back to sleep without worrying about what time I'll wake up again.

On this point... before everyone thinks I am the most absolutely worthless person in the summer... my definition of sleeping in is about.... 8:30. So, I don't sleep the day away, but I have to make up for my next point.

3. No Bed Times: Summer is all about no set schedule for me. I may go to bed at 10pm one night and at 3am the next. I have been known to bring in the dawn reading a book that I just can't put down.

4. Naps during the Hottest part of the day: I can remember as a child when during the summer everyone would come in to Granny's at lunch time to eat and then after filling their bellies, flop down on one of her couches and take a nap. Now as a child, I was never interested in this daily ritual, but as an adult, well... I can see how it has some appeal! Especially when it's hovering at 100 outside! And for those of you who think this is just sleeping the day away, I offer this defense- Have you seen what time it gets dark in the summer? You've got plenty of day light left after a brief siesta... so, why not?

5. Fresh vegetables!: The months of May and June bring a sweet change to our meal menus around our place. Fresh okra, squash, tomatoes, egg plant, and a multitude of other crops... did I mention watermelon and sweet corn?... seem to start bursting out of the "therapy garden" and find their way onto our table and those of our friends and loved ones. Can I just say... if only they would learn how to put themselves in jars?

6. Books, Books, Books!!!: I can't say this one enough. I am such a reader! I absolutely love a good book, and have been know to read a bad one if thats all that I can find. I am so proud that my niece has inherited this trait from me (for a while we thought she wasn't going to be the reader, but she earned the 3rd grade reading award and the school-wide reading award this year for reading the most books for AR... I know, I'm bragging... I'll quit now) but I can safely report that the two of us have spent several wonderful afternoons this summer curled up on the couches at my house with books! She has developed such a reading personality and I love being able to talk to her about the books we're reading. (On a side note, Bay hates to go shopping, but the mention of a trip to the book store will get her in the car like greased lightning!)

7. Rain, Rain Every Day: I know... do we really love this? But seriously, I love the fact that in the midst of such a hot scorching summer, every day it cools off at least for a little bit. One minor problem with this is when it rains for 15 minutes and then is not only hot, but so muggy that you can't breathe... on second thoughts... maybe this isn't one of the reasons I love summer...

8. Bible Study: This is the second summer that I have participated in a Ladies Summer Bible Study Group and I absolutely love it! (Thanks, Annie!) For someone who goes as much as I do during the school year, summers can make you stop and think about things you shouldn't be focusing on... in my case, these Bible studies have been great for keeping my mind on track and my hands busy with good thoughts and deeds!

9. Mowing the Grass: Now I know, anyone who has driven by my house in the last month will think I am flat out lying about this one... but really! Yesterday afternoon, mom and dad went to pick up the lawn mower that has been in the shop for about... oh... a month! (My yard looks like a jungle!) And before I could get it stolen away to mow my yard, I got put on hold... until Daddy gets one more thing done to it, I have to wait! I absolutely love mowing the yard, especially with the zero-turn mower! And there's something satisfying about the finished product... which will stay mowed for oh about... a week!

10. Water: Whether its the pool at my sil's house, or a day at the beach, or just soaking in the tub at the end of the day, there's something about being in water that makes you love summer! (This might be why I don't mind the rain!) Either way, if it's wet... it sounds good to me!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am enjoying mine!


  1. Love your 10 reasons why you love summer. I love staying up late and being able to sleep in (although I do have to set an alarm for the days I keep Crystal's boys). Reading is an all time favorite of mine.

  2. I love these too. And actually, I LOVE the rain. Even if it does alter my plans a little....If it's raining outside, is there really any better time to find a good book and read? I love that you and your niece are getting to spend time reading together. :)

  3. I'm in total agreement! And I laughed about the bad books, cause I always have to be reading something, and will pick up a bad book to tide me over till the next good one!

  4. love the water too! and p.s. I LOVE to mow my grass with the zero-turn!

  5. Who the heck do you know that's Japanese?! Ha Ha
    I love your list and I can't wait to read all about Bible School!