Saturday, November 30, 2013

Its A Clark Thing

Thirty one years ago, mom's dad passed away the week of Thanksgiving.  At the time, there were 3 grand-kids, age 3.5, 1.5 and 6 months. (That was Dustin, Me, and Frankie)  Needless to say, we don't really remember that much about him except what we've been told.  Today, there are 25 first cousins that range in age from 35 to 7.  Growing up, our parents made sure we got to spend time together in the summers, at family reunions and especially Thanksgiving.  Moving out here has given me the opportunity to get to know some family that we didn't get to spend a lot of time with growing up.  Along the way, we've figured out that even though we grew up thousands of miles apart, we've actually got a lot in common.  We laugh and call them "Clark-Things"  

In honor of Thanksgiving- which is the unofficial Clark Holiday- here's my list of "Clark Things"  

1.  We love to eat and cook, but not a single one of us uses a recipe!  True story, Uncle Joe made the most amazing salmon bisque I've ever had the first time I visit them in California.  When we went back a couple of years later, I asked if he was going to make it again and he looked at me with a blank look-- because he had no clue how he had made it that time!  Come to find out, we're all that way!  

2.  We are fiercely patriotic.  Of the 25 cousins, 8 are either former or active military members (or about to go in.)  Three generations of our family have served our country proudly.  We might bend the rules a little when we don't think they make sense, but we all believe in showing respect for our country and the men and women who protect and defend it.  

3.  We are as different as night and day, but all have a deep love of family.  As different as we all are, I don't know a single one of us who would willingly pass up on the opportunity to visit with one of the family.  We've been known to meet at the interstate just to see each other for 15 minutes when someone is passing through town.  And forget a hotel room, we'll all sleep on the floor or couch if it means getting to spend a little bit more time together!  We don't talk on a daily basis, but there's not a single Clark I know if that wouldn't do whatever they needed to do to help the family if they got in a bind.   

4.  We are life-long learners.  I don't mean this in the we all have advanced degrees way, I mean that we are constantly trying something new.  I don't know a single Clark that doesn't have some kind of hobby that required them to teach themselves something.  Jeannie & Dustin make cheese, Michele loves photography, Cassie cans, and the list goes on and on... On top of that, we're full of "useless" knowledge.  Who else would know what a group of kangaroos is called? 

5.  We're procrastinators, but we're good at it!  I can't tell you how many times I finished a project that was well done, but could have been done better if I had started sooner or how many times I've heard my cousins say the same thing!  

I'm sure this list could go on and on.  And I'm sure my cousins and aunts and uncles could add a few more. Feel free to comment and add your own "Clark Things" if you think of one I've forgotten! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's that White Stuff??

I came in for lunch yesterday and was reminded that I was behind blogging (I've got so much help in that department... mom, uncle, cousin, friends...)  So, I thought I'd see what I haven't shared yet!  

 Everyone jokes that at home there's two seasons, hot and not quite as hot... well up here, there are definitely different seasons!  Arriving in summer, it really didn't feel much different than it did when I left Florida... with the exception of WAY less humidity!  It basically stayed that way until the first week of October when all of the sudden, long sleeves and jackets became necessary.  I think I've probably had 10-15 people ask me if I was cold enough yet, but honestly, it's just not the same.  In the fall, its down in the 30's at night and gets up in to the 50's during the day.  A few days, it hasn't. 

View from my office window

Morning Commute

First Snow!  I learned why you need Snow Brushes that day! 
 So far, nothing has really stuck longer than a couple of days, but I'm pretty sure something will eventually!  If I'm completely honest, I get kind of nervous about driving in it (read that CHICKEN.)  So, I have been staying at Jeannie's house a whole lot more.  (Every time they predict more than flurries... Except for the fact that the weather channel can't seem to get the forecast correct!)

 I did decide one day that I was going to be brave and just drive from the Hill to Columbus because it wasn't supposed to snow/stick that night and I woke up to this!  (it wasn't but about 1/2 an inch or a skiff as they call it out here)  We'll see how I do once it gets cold enough to stick around!

And of course, I couldn't leave you without a pic of my "ride-or-die"  partner in crime!  When I got home that day, the girls were sledding, so we headed out to play with them.  I loaded Lucy up on the sled with me and headed down the hill... she jumped off the front and I had to do a sideways flip almost to keep from running over her!  (Thank goodness there are no pictures to share of that!)  

It's supposed to snow again in the morning... or all day... who knows!  Either way, I'm not frozen yet... and still enjoying a change of scenery!  

Until Next Time... Have you ever driven in snow?