Friday, April 9, 2010

Bridges & Beaches

So, It's Spring Break... and I need to get away.... I'll let the pictures tell the rest!
One side note... I know that my friends hate bridges, but I have to admit... I LOVE THEM! Especially the Skyway!

On a side note.... Check out the handsome man I found while I was eating dinner.... I gave him my number, but he hasn't called yet... I am so disappointed! (lol, just kidding, but I seriously couldn't pass up taking a picture of a real live pirate!)

What a great day! I just wish I could have stayed longer!


  1. Oh what fun! I'm glad you got to get away. It's always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle here and relax. (I cannot wait until the 22nd when I will be heading out myself :)) If ever you want to explore new territory, try Carrabelle/St. George Island/Appalachicola. Those are my all-time favorites. And I could get you a good deal at the Franklin Inn.

  2. Where is the handsome man? I'm confused. Good for you for finally getting a way. Glad you had fun! Sorry we couldn't have lunch today, but maybe one day soon.

  3. I love the beach! my favorite destination is ANY beach!

  4. OK guys... the handsome man was a joke...