Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Crazy is the Truth!

In honor of my friend Aleta, who is a self-professed freak magnet, I have to share this story... even if it does make me worried about my genetic make-up!

My Aunt recieved a card in the mail the other day. Since it wasn't a holiday, she was a little surprised. Inside the card was a picture of an elderly man (80 years old) holding two small little girl. The card read like this...

Dear Jane, Congratualtions! You have new cousins! What do you think? Love, Norman

My Aunt was in shock! You see, Norman is an only child and he never married and both of his parents have passed away. He's a bit of an "odd-duck". My aunt very diplomatically inquired about the maternity of the two babies and got this response.

Norman had hunted down a doctor in California who would attempt to use invitro fertilization to help him have children. He then selected a surrogate mother (I am just curious about how that one worked) to carry the children, and 9 months later, he is the proud father of twin girls, Nora and Norma at 80 years old!

I just don't have words!


  1. I have words. Many! Is this a joke? I don't know whether to call the law on Norman, who clearly needs to be checked in a psych ward, or get on my knees and start praying for these babies.

    Two questions:
    Did she receive the card on April Fools?
    Does this nut know how to use Photoshop?

    Regardless, I really think someone should call the law.

  2. No it wasn't April's fools, and Before you call the law... it will be okay...

    He has a couple who are his friends from Kansas who couldn't have children who are raising the girls... he sees them whenever he wants, but I am sure that if something happens to them, this nice couple will get their wish of having children...

  3. What the heck?? Seriously?? Ummmmm....That's crazy that he decided to have children that late in life. I give you the prize for crazy stories today. I'm relieved to read your response to Carrie's comment. At least, maybe in some way, some good can come out of this. Hope you're doing good, Katie!

  4. Oh my. and that's all I have to say about that.