Sunday, August 29, 2010

Geriatric-Sitting, Yellow Dogs, Torential Down Pours, and Weaning Calves

I am quite positive that none of these things make a bit of sense to you readers out there, but that would about sum up my last week.

Anyone who knows my family knows that my Grandparents live with my parents. For a while, when my parents would need to be gone, I could stay at my house and just check on the grands, but lately, they are getting more and more where they need someone at night- just in case. So, when my parents hauled Eric out to Arkansas on Saturday, I moved in with the grands for 4 nights. (In case you've never heard me say it, my mom is a straight up saint... I couldn't do it!) From rescuing the 4 wheeler from the garden to the multiple daily phone calls to find out when I was coming home to finding Daddy's gator had been hijacked by Poppa... It was a busy couple of days.

On top of that, Monday was the first day back to school and I'm gonna have to admit that I was not prepared. To tell the truth, I was more unprepared this year than I ever feel like I have been. I usually spend the weekend before school starts in my classroom cleaning and putting up my "special" bulletin board. But, this year, I spent the weekend doing a Pampered Chef Kitchen Show and Chauffering the grands to and from Church... needless to say, that bulletin board is still blank. (Don't worry, the idea is still there, I'll surprise the kids one of these days)

As I pulled out of my driveway one morning this week however, I fell in behind the school bus that I used to ride. The same lady is still driving that bus, which made me get a little sentimental. I can remember many mornings waiting at the end of my drive way (and I mean mine, not mom's) for the bus to pick us up after eating Breakfast at Granny's kitchen table. I can remember getting off that bus and running to the house to eat raisen bran and watch the Dukes of Hazard with my brother and cousin. And I can remember how wonderful it was when I was finally old enough to be able to drive myself to school... even if it was in the Isuzu Pup that Carrie was so embarrassed to ride in!

This week was also full of rain... might have had something to do with dog days, but not quite sure. (What exactly are Dog Days???) I think I was told correctly that we got 7 inches of rain at the school on Tuesday or Wednesday (The days are all running together) and I can believe it. The entire football field parking lot was at least ankle deep in water and we had to bus the kids over from the middle school to the ag building. (Is that crazy or what?) Thank goodness for my absolutely amazing Chiefland FFA Golf Umbrella... it kept me from drowning even though my feet were soggy!

Finally, this afternoon, Mom, Daddy and I rounded up the cows and weaned calves. As Daddy headed to the Market with those sweet babies, I thought about how the beginning of the school year is kinda like "weaning-time" especially for those little ones at the Elementary School. As I write this, I can still hear those mama cows calling to those babies who are off to a new adventure.

Its been a long hot summer, and I can say without a doubt that I am so ready for cooler weather, football, pumpkins and a regular school routine. This last week was so crazy, that I can't wait to see what this next week brings!


  1. Hush your mouth, I was NOT shamed to ride in the 'ol Zu-Zu. I just thought it was funny that you always had to lift the hood and spray WD40 somewhere before the Zu-Zu would crank up and run. Surely you can see the funny in that....especially now when we're all driving at least somewhat dependable vehicles!!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Ha!!! Love it. I think the funniest is your grandpa hijacking the gator!!!! :)

  3. First off, your grandparents sound like a hoot. I'm with you on the rain. I love it, but last week was enough for least for a little while.

  4. You HAVE been busy!! Hopefully things will slow down a little for you and you will get back into the swing of things soon:)

  5. No more bawling from this Momma cow....its kinda nice having me time!

  6. Busy busy!!! Your grandparents sound like fun!!!!