Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

My friend Annie started doing this with her blog and I loved it because it was short, random things  that you wouldnt necessarily write a whole post about, but would love to share!  I find myself using instagram for things that I would do this with, but I'm going to try to do a little of both!   

So.. here we go! 

1.  I may not be working at the CB any more, but while I was, I got hooked on their glass bottle sodas- especially the honey lemonade!  Is it just me or does everything taste better in glass?  Thursday night when I got home, I was about to go stir crazy, so I rode into Billings to check out the NILE (yes, its a stock show... I know... somethings just don't get out of your system easy)  Before I headed home, I stopped and picked up a 4-pack to enjoy over the weekend.   If you've never had this, I highly recommend it!  

2.  We had two potential snow days this week.  (And by snow days, I don't mean that they were going to close anything down... I just mean it might snow on those days)  The beginning of the week, I headed over to my spare bedroom at J&J's since they said it might snow multiple inches... as it was... all we got was rain and muck!  By Tuesday night, I headed back to the hill... and after slipping and sliding up and down it for 3 more days, this is what the car looked like... Poor Tilly.... I don't think she'll ever be the same... She's been getting baths with the pressure washer out here, just to cut through some of the mud!

3.  Has anyone else played this? The first night I spent in Columbus that it was supposed to snow, we started playing it after supper, and can I just say it might be addicting!  This time of year, it starts getting dark earlier and it's cold outside, so you have to find things to do indoors.  Card games, reading, leather work, you name it, people out here find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves when they can't get outside!

4.  I know this one's fuzzy, but I was taking it in the dark!  Over the summer Mesa put in to have a sleepover at Jeannie's.  So... after 3 months... we finally are having our sleepover tonight.  I picked up B&A after work and we headed up the hill to pick up Mesa, Lucy & my stuff.  We also visited the local pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins to carve (more later)  before heading back over to spend the night.  Notice there are 4 little girls... We even had the 2 year old spend the night!  You should have heard all the giggling in that car on the way home!

5.  And last but certainly not least... I have developed a fascination with mule deer!  I just love how they flash those huge ears out at you when you drive by.   Lately, I've seen tons of mule deer does out and about and have finally started seeing some bucks. (I think my count the other afternoon was over 60 by the time I got home)   I ran across this little bunch on the way home from work Thursday afternoon and had to snap a pic.  I have to say, I'm pretty happy with it and think it might be one of my favorite pics I've taken since I've been here!  How many do you count?

So there you have it... this week's version of the Friday Five.  What would your five be?  

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  1. Amazing idea for what seems like an amazing adventure you're on!