Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin' & Carvin'

Last Friday, the day had finally arrived for Mesa's big sleepover and pumpkin carving.  After work, I picked up Bailey & Addy and met Mesa at the Pumpkin Patch.  Angie told me about this one and then a friend from work recommend it as well, and I can report that it was even better than I would have thought!  We were running late that afternoon, so I was worried that all we would get to do was pick out our pumpkins, but when we got there, we had plenty of time to explore!  

We loaded up on the wagon to ride out to the corn maze and pumpkin patch and these girls were excited!   

First stop was the far side of the corn maze.  You had to find your way through the corn to get to the pumpkin patch on the other side.  I wandered along behind, letting the girls run ahead to find the right trail.  They only had to turn around once before they made it through the maze.  

 I love these girls, they crack me up so much and this picture pretty much sums them up.  Addy always has a crazy expression, but it's one of the things I love most about her!  Mesa is always excited and up for an adventure, and Bailey, well, she's the quiet one... just happy to be going and doing.  They make it so much fun to be out here and keep me from being quite so homesick for my babies at the house.

The corn maze ends in the pumpkin patch where you can pick your very own pumpkin to take back.  I think we probably rolled 10 or 15 pumpkins apiece while they were picking thiers out!  Had to check for soft spots and just the right shape and would it sit up when you went to carve it... such a hard job!

We finally settled on pumpkins and started heading back to the hay wagon to ride back to the store/barn.  Mean old Katie that I am, I made them carry their own pumpkins!  You should have heard the whining!  I loved every minute of it!

The Lucky Pumpkins

I did manage to get one picture with all 4 of us in it... even if it's not exactly all of us!  But I think it's a fun one!

Once we got back to the barn, we weighed out pumpkins, paid the bill and headed to the car, but not before we snapped a pic in one of the great cut-outs that they had!

You would have thought it was going to kill them to wait until Saturday morning to carve them!  Luckily, between playing UNO Spin and sleeping on the floor, they managed to make it through the night!  Saturday morning, we shipped J&J off for a short hunting trip and we headed outside to gut & carve their pumpkins. Jeannie warned me that Bailey didn't like pulling out the guts, but she did pretty good... I only had to tell them about 50 times a piece that they didn't have enough out yet!  Addy was the first one to get all her guts out.  Mesa's pumpkin was a little harder to get into with the scoop to get it cleaned out.  

Gushy Guts!

Important Suggestion here:  Go buy the pumpkin carving kit... then they can do it themselves!  And those little saws just work better!  We did make a pit stop between the gutting and the carving to run to the IGA to see if they had any carving tools... since I forgot to make it to Walmart during the week!  I even managed to let them do it all themselves!  (They drew what they wanted to carve, and for the most part carved them... I did help Addy a little, but she did an awesome job!)  

By the time we got done, and played for a few more hours, it was time to go home.  Mesa was pretty quiet when we got in the car, and I kinda figured this would happen as soon as she got still... evidently Lucy was just as worn out as she was!

Tired Girls 

And here's the final products all lit up!  We had a blast & I think they did an awesome job!  

Bailey & Addy

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