Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on Grandma

Yesterday, after I rushed home from work, I packed a bag, got it all loaded in the car and headed to mom's house to pick her up only to find that Grandma had called, upset because the anestesiologist (sp?) had postponed her surgery until after she has a stress test, which is now scheduled for Monday morning. It looks like the actual surgery will be next week... I'll keep you posted.

I finally got my mother to explain exactly what she's having surgery on, because I thought it was her heart. It's not... Grandma has an abdominal aortic anurism (sp?). (As you can tell, I am so not good at spelling medical terminology!) Which means that the aortic artery leading out of her heart and into her abdomen has a "bubble" or weak spot in the wall and the doctor thinks it's growing. The surgery is to put a stint over the weak spot so that she will be fine. I think I understood Mom to say that they would go in through a vein somewhere in her lower body, so they're not cutting her open really big.

And now that we've all learned a little about the anatomy of an anurism... I'll let you know when the surgery gets scheduled!

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  1. I'll say a little prayer for both her and your family. Yes, we did learn a little on anurisms...