Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Best Valentine's presents I've gotten in a very long time...

Okay... so with "Black Saturday" officially on the horizion at this point in time, I thought I would let you all know exactly what I am getting for Valentine's day this year!

(HaHa, it's not what you think!)

Tuesday, my older brother called to tell us that he had put in his two weeks notice and by Thursday, his family would once again be residents of the Sunshine state!

Now, I know that this might not sound like such an exciting present to some of you, but let me just say... The kids being in North Dakota has been absolutely horrible! From the time Bayley was about 6 months old (she's 8 now) until they moved to Virginia in 2007 they were at the house about every other weekend. She and Austin are so much fun... especially when they're in sweet mode!

Let me just say... Being their aunt is about the best thing ever to me! I used to have them trained to tell people who was the best, but I had to stop that when my other brother got married... since I wasn't the only aunt anymore... But even if they can't say it, I know. I absolutely love staying up late watching Home on the Range and Brother Bear over and over again because they're not tired yet. And laughing as Austin announces during Sunday dinner that he beat me at his pre-school board game. Or, watching Bayley "train" her favorite animals so that she can "show" them.

(Austin & Bayley on Valentine's 2007)

So, this year, for Valentine's Day, I'll be celebrating the return of the two sweethearts that stole my heart!


  1. Awww...what a cute pair. I am excited for you Katy! That's great!

  2. Fabulous news! I bet you're not the only Jones excited about them coming home! I bet your Mom and Dad are over the moon excited!

  3. I can't wait... I think I've told everyone in the whole world that will listen! 4 more days...

  4. I can't believe how big they are! I know you are beside yourself excited over their return home. I hope they make it in safely and you get lots of sugar soon (from the kids--wink wink).