Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five- Truly Random Edition

I figure I'm so far behind, I can get away with two Friday Five posts today... And still have tons of stuff to write about later on!  (Again, some of these are old and just now getting posted) 

1.  Hunting season out here begins in September and ends Thanksgiving weekend.  J&J spent quite a few weekends stalking Antelope, Elk and Deer... Jeannie got this Antelope buck one Sunday afternoon.  (It was supposed to snow the next day, so I arrived just in time to see him when they got home)  

2.  Black Friday, Jeannie, Cassie & I got some "Cousin Time"  without any of the littles.  We (crazily) went shopping at 3:00am, ate breakfast at Denny's, did plenty of Christmas shopping and ended up back at Jeannie's where we made soap and candles.  (I told you these Clarks have weird hobbies)  Seriously, it was a lot of fun and such a shame Cassie doesn't live closer... we'd probably get into more trouble together if she did!

3.  Gingerbread Houses-  I've been in on building 2 this year... Cortlin and I tag-teamed this one Thanksgiving weekend and Mesa and I made one at the house last weekend.  Not sure I'm an expert yet, but we had a blast!  

4.  Addison had her 6th birthday!  At the skating rink!  Oh the memories of what is now Watson's Funeral Home!  I didn't skate the whole time, but I did manage to make it through without falling down!  And I was feeling it the next day... maybe we should go back again.... it was a pretty good thigh workout!  This place had a serious rackett going on!  They had made "walkers" with wheels to help the little kids learning to skate.   I bet they had 15 dollars in each of them and they were rented out the whole time-- at $2.50 an hour, they were making some serious jack on some pvc pipe and skate wheels.

5.  Winter has set in up here.  There's only a little part of the clark's fork that isn't frozen over, and it's pretty full of ice most mornings.  Morning temps in the singles and teens and mid day up in the 30's/40's... absolutely beautiful weather!  (Almost warm enough to leave the jacket in the car! HA!) I've been staying in Laurel this week, so I've gotten to enjoy seeing all the pretty scenery covered in white while I've been driving.  I even braved driving in the snow one morning this week.  The ladies from work called because I was later than I was supposed to be!  The didn't know if they were going to have to send someone to get me! lol... just glad they cared enough to be worried!

All in all, its been a pretty busy month... with the best adventures yet to tell!  

Until Next Time! 

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