Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Love Lucy!

No, I'm not talking about Lucille Ball- who is one of the funniest females ever- but the sweet little puppy that joined our brood last Tuesday. About a month ago, Mrs. Sheila called me and asked did I want a papillon puppy.

What the heck is a papillon? Well, as Austin will tell you, Papillon is french for butterfly. (Yes, we taught him some french) And papillons (or toy continental spaniels) are known for their large ears that look something like a butterfly.

Of course, our puppy, tends to look more like a miniature border collie with her black and white markings, but we sure are crazy about her. When we traveled with her to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving, we had to time how long Bayley and Austin got to hold her to keep from having a fight!

All in all, she's pretty sweet!


  1. What a cutie that Lucy is!!!! Oh my goodness--she's a fuzz ball!

  2. that last pic makes me want a dog. and i dont even like dogs! Ha...