Thursday, December 31, 2009

This and That...

Thought I'd share a few pictures/happenings from the break/second half of the month! Not much excitement, but it is a little bit fun!

Austin & Bayley decided that they needed to play Little Red Riding Hood (Such Imagination) while waiting for grandma to get home from work the day after we got done with school... so... Bayley found my red fluffy robe that we managed to fashion into a hood and cape.... notice the "wolf" at her feet...

And we had to figure out a costume from "Grandma" to wear in the bed... so...

voila! We have a scarry blond wig, ruffled pillowcase, Aunt Daye's glasses, and... I think it worked pretty good... just needed a flannel gown, but I'm not quite sure I could have gotten him to go for that!

During our Tea-party trip, Aunt Jane sent us back a gingerbread house kit to build, so... behold the masterpiece!

After being harassed about the construction, I think we've decided that we need to let my brother build his own next year... anyone got any good recipes or a mold?

And finally, Miss Priss has discovered what an awesome back yard she has to play in! I have finally found something the kids like better than Lucy, but it's only at their house, so they are still fighting over who gets to hold her... the poor dog isn't loved at all! In addition to exploring outside, she had developed quite an attachment to a few of her toys... especially Mr. Bear! She can be found hauling him around just as much as she chews on him... too bad he's bigger than her!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that God Blesses you and yours with a happy, healthy 2010!

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