Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little late... My Resolution and my Challenge...

Ok... so I haven't been writing anything lately, but I have definately been reading... so...

Even though it's into February and my christmas tree is still up ( I know... the shame of it... I really did start taking stuff off of it the week after Christmas) And even though I didn't share my resolutions, I did make one big one. Yep... just one... unfortunately that one is a really tall order. I know I've got you wondering what could be that all encompassing so... here it is.


Yep... that's it... really simple right? If only... everytime I say it, I cringe... because when I say it to myself, I hear all the individual things I need to work on. Not just do I need to excercise more, eat less and take better care of my body. I also mean to be spiritually healthier... you know, more focused on what really matters, and keep my priorities in line and feed my soul (aka study and pray). And probably the scariest of all, which is what is really nagging at me these days, I am determined to be financially healtheir by this time next year.

Quite a big order! What if I fail?

I have been trying really hard to do little things that will hopefully help me keep my resolution and feel like I am making some small progress. For example:

* I have started walking instead of driving short distances ( Like from my house to mom's or my classroom to the lunchrooom)

* I have almost completely given up Sweet Tea... (GASP) I know... As a southern girl, this is about sacrilege... and it's not really about not wanting sweet tea as much as reducing the amount of sugar I'm consuming. (Which also means I have also quit drinking almost all the soda I was drinking...)

* The girls in our ladies Bible study group at church are doing an awesome job challenging me to stretch my mind about spiritual things

And the latest Challenge to myself... which I am really scared to actually post because then if I fail, you will all know. But I also feel like posting this will give me some accountability.

As a single person, it's hard to want to cook real meals for one... or at least I have a hard time with this and I hate eating frozen dinners. And don't get me started on how easy it is with the hours I work to end up eating out three meals a day (Average cost of $20/day). This really bad habit that I am afraid is going to derail my entire effort for the year. So... For the month of February I have challenged myself to not eat out (with special emphasis on the work week) and to cook more meals at home. My former roommate/quasi-brother Eric has been helping me with the second part as he has been providing a second mouth to feed when I cook which makes it easier to come up with something. So far... (all three days of the month) I have managed to keep going.

Now I know some of you might think this a little unattainable as a goal, but being the "highly trained" educator that I am(note I am making a joke), I have given myself a little wiggle room so as to make it actually attainable. For example: Saturdays are an exception because unfortunately I will be working/traveling the first two Saturdays of the month and the likely hood that I would pack breakfast and lunch on those days is miniscule. And since my main focus is cutting out spending on breakfast and lunch, I have also given myself a dinner pass for nights when my job require me to work beyond 6pm. (fair I think)

So... hopefully in about a week, I can give you a successful update on how I'm progressing... What I do know is that my grocery list has already gotten longer!


  1. Honey, you're just posting your resolution. I just came up with mine like a day ago.... hahaha. I really like what you've said. I've never strived to weigh 100 lbs. Anyone that looks at any member of my family knows that that probably isn't in my gene pool. But this year, I too want to get healthier. Make healthier choices. And even when I do have to eat out, I want to pick better things....So I hear ya. I also liked what you said about growing stronger spiritually. Anyone that knows me knows that I fell off that bandwagon a while back. This year, I'm striving to do better. So, I've made a list of things I'm going to work on. I really enjoyed your post, Katie. It made me reflect on my stuff, too. (a resolution you should need to blog more, I like reading your stuff!) :)

  2. Katie, it was great to read this post. I believe we all should strive to live a healthier lifestyle. You can do this, keep us up to date on how you are doing.