Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reporting on Week One

It is now the 9th day of February, and I can successfully report that the No-Eating-Out challenge is right on track. As I reported before, I did give myself just enough wiggle room to handle the weekend trips that are impossible to avoid and the late night at work, but I can report that I have survived the last week no worse for wear. Actually, my wallet and waistline are probably a little better off than they were a week ago.

On the cooking front... I have been eating at home, but not really cooking meals... lots of chicken salad sandwiches and salads. I have broken out the crock pot and have cooked chicken and stew beef which have found thier way into multiple meals.

I almost had a break-down on Monday, as I found myself trying to figure out what in the world to take for lunch... luckily, Lacee and Hailey pulled their weight for the lunch-bunch and provided a satisfying meal of spaghetti and "cracky pudding" (dessert which consists of pudding, graham crackers and chocolate icing)

On a totally other note... During the middle of one of my classes today, Dallas ran in holding his thumb, which was bleeding! Luckily, he just sliced the tip off instead of cutting off the bone... but still... talk about causing a comotion! After getting it cleaned out and bandaged up, he showed back up around lunch time to the delight of all his students who wanted to see his "war-wound"! Thank goodness it wasn't bad!


  1. Yay for you not eating out! Isn't it amazing how much we save when we don't?!!

  2. Henry and I don't eat out much either... So feel free to share any cooking tips you have! :)

  3. I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it. If you will e-mail me (kaety_scott at yahoo dot com) with either your e-mail address or home address I can send you some meal ideas and recipes that are pretty easy to make.