Tuesday, July 9, 2013

13 hours later... Tom Bodette left the light on!

It's been a long day that started about 6am and will hopefully end when I finish posting tonight.  This morning, we traveled through Arkansas, (covering some pretty windy roads in the Ozarks) Missouri, and a corner of Iowa and have finally ended up in York, Nebraska for the night... a total of about 18 hours of driving. 

My copilot has napped and lounged on her side of the car and even attempted to make it over to my lap a couple of times this afternoon.  She did manage to roust up every time I had something to eat that wasn't nuts or fruit.   

After we made it out of the Ozarks, we zipped through Missouri (I say zipped like it wasn't 4 hours)  and made our way to Kansas City.  This was one place that I wanted to visit, since I haven't been there since high school and the last time I remember being there, I spent a whole lot of time not sure where I was.   Of the three places I wanted to find, I was able to find 2, and I might have been looking in the wrong place for the third, but I tried...

I really wanted to eat dinner at the Golden Ox, but since it was the middle of the afternoon, and I had decided to try to make it to Lincoln before I stopped for the night, I just snapped a couple of pictures and headed back out.   The one thing I couldn't find was the FFA marker that was supposed to be where the old Baltimore hotel is located... maybe I'll get to go back some other time and find that one! 

After a quick stop for Gas, we headed up Interstate 29 with plans to make it to Lincoln by about 7pm, giving us a full 12 hour day and a good start on where we wanted to be tomorrow night.   When we arrived at Interstate 80 in Lincoln and started looking for a hotel, I got a reminder of what to expect when traveling out west... always gas up and always stop when you see what you want the first time, because there might not be another one for a long time!  We ended up driving an extra 30 minutes before stopping and then had to find a hotel that had pet friendly rooms available.  We finally found a room at the 3rd hotel/motel/holiday inn (can you hear the beat?)  which happened to be the Motel 6. 

 I decided that I couldn't stay at the Motel 6 for the first time ever, and not document the room... which actually was... very modern, but very clean- and only cost $65 for the night.  ( good deal, right?)

And as a parting shot,  Who wouldn't love this sweet face that I left sleeping in Arkansas this morning!  He's growing so fast and turning into little Mr. Personality... I can't wait to see what he's like next time I see him! 
Until Next Time...

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  1. I'm cracking up At Your Use O "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!" Leave It To My Ghetto Self To Get It, Ha!! So Glad Things Are Going Well, Im So Proud Of You!! (Im Posting From My Phone, Don't Know Why It's Capitalizing All The Words??) Love Ya Kate!!