Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Have Arrived!

 We started off the day SUPER early... like I was WIDE AWAKE at quarter to 5 this morning... ugh.  After 30 minutes of pretending that I was going to go back to sleep, I got up and started getting ready to leave Nebraska.   After a quick stop to fill up the gas tank and get a cup of coffee, we headed out on Interstate 80 around 6:30am.  

As we drove along, we saw several things that I wasnt quite sure about... like this bridge and the three of these things that looked like plane wings... I finally figured out this afternoon while driving across Wyoming that they were blades of the windmills.

Before I left, I purchased one of the as seen on TV "Grip Go" phone holders so that I could keep my phone where I could see it to use as a GPS... I figured out as I drove along that it also makes and awesome dash camera mount when turned sideways (all I have to do is turn the camera on and tap the button... holds it steadier than I can) and thanks to my Iphone's other camera, I did manage to get a picture of my copilot as she was checking out what was coming up ahead of us!  If only I could teach her to take the pictures for me!

 Our next gas stop happened to coincide with a sort of planned stop in Ogallala, Nebraska... hello, can you say Lonesome Dove?  Who wouldn't stop if they got the chance!  It started raining about the time was pumping my gas, so I didn't get out and explore, but I did get to snap a pic of the very cool mural that greets visitors to the town!
 After a quick discussion with Rusty, I decided to switch roads at this point and take US26 through the sandhills of western nebraska and I'm so glad I did.   This was my second time driving through part of western Nebraska, on a different road this time, but it was just as pretty if not prettier than last time!  I will however say that I'm glad I filled up my gas tank before I headed out since when I got headed from Ogallala to Scotts Bluff, the price of gas went up like 50 cents a gallon!  (Serious case of supply and demand!)
 As I was driving, I saw lots of pretty farmhouses and barns like this one.  I wish I had someone just taking pictures, because I missed so much that I would have loved to share... like the cowboy driving about 6 head of Angus bulls down the fence line, or the herd of Hereford cows grazing on the hillside... and some of it my camera just wouldn't do justice to... just know it was a beautiful sight, and I think that part of Nebraska might be one of the prettiest in our country!

 The other cool thing about driving the route I took is that it followed the Oregon Trail... hello... one of my TWO favorite childhood computer games!  And when I passed Chimney Rock, I couldn't resist the chance to stop and snap a few pictures!  Although to be honest, I really expected it to be taller...

My afternoon was spent driving across Wyoming... let me tell you about Wyoming... This is the second time I've driven this one also, and my opinion hasn't changed much there either... its either really pretty, or really boring... either way... it was a LONG afternoon.

Around 5pm I crossed the state line and made it into Montana, and then had to drive another hour and a half to reach my final destination.  Of course, I did stop in Billings to meet my Uncle & Aunt where they were using their team of Percherons to rake some hay they're going to be baling tomorrow.  (I'm sure there will be a post to follow on that topic!)

When I called to get directions to the field, my 6 year old cousin answered the phone with "Are You My Cousin?"  She doesn't have the best memory, but when I got there, she said she recognized me!  She and Lucy quickly made friends and I'm thinking my dog is gonna like her better than me before long!  Whether she recognized me or not, she was quick to load up with Lucy and I when I offered to take her home before they finished raking the hay... I'm thinking she's tired of making hay!  (Either that or she just wanted McDonalds for dinner, ha)

I love the panoramic feature on my iphone... and I love the lighting when we arrived at their place tonight!  What a view!  Tomorrow will be a lot of unpacking and settling in... so, until next time...

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  1. So glad you're blogging about tour trip! I feel like I'm traveling with you!